Cape May Pet Friendly Accommodations When to Book

You know from  my last posts that I believe that you should talk with a live reservationist that represents the hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, campground, rental house property. You need to have your punch list ready to fire away. Perhaps their web site can answer some of them. That doesn’t mean you should not look to speak with a live reservationist. Most people who were disappointed were folks from online bookings reservations. Hotels look to upgrade you once your get there. You look at the website and think you are getting the best of the best. I don’t know any hotel that list pet friendly rooms on their online bookings. They are so in demand they don’t have to.. Some Realtors do and again you still need to speak with a live representative of that organization. Get a gut feeling for their customer service and accommodating skills. If you are staying a week or longer please look into rental properties that are pet friendly. Cape May Pet Friendly Accommodations are slim pickings. Most hotels and Bed & Breakfast have not jumped on the ban wagon and should do so to attract repeat, respectful, loyal customers. Again they need to set up pet friendly to ensure your and your pet(s)  have a happy, safe and enjoyable time here in Cape May County. Once you and your pets are secure there is a endless  list of things to do here. Take your time, get the facts and ask away until you are satisfied that you and your pets are getting the right accommodation. 

Cape Mays Best Pet Friendly Accommodations

Cape Mays Best Pet Friendly Accommodations

 Once You have decided what type of accommodation you want for your pet friendly vacation. YOU NEED TO BOOK IT AND EARLY.  Most bookings have a one to three week cancellation policy. Once you cancel you will loose something as a handling fee. Try and ask for a rebooking and not loose anything in the transfer. The openings may be far and few in between however it is worth the try. In recap book as early as February and March you will get the best pricing and best pick ens. You will need a deposit and dates you can vacation. Having said this, you need to fully understand their cancellation policy risk vrs reward. When traveling with a pet their can be no mistakes or disappointments.


Cape May Pet Friendly

Cape May Pet Friendly

You Get the Best rates and deals early on before the season starts. I know sometimes you don’t know when you can get away and do it on the fly.  I have found more and more folks planning weeks or days before the actual trip. This practice will cost you if you can find a reservation and don’t mind the cost then go ahead. That is OK but you will pay premium rates and at the will of the innkeeper. Supply and Demand

Keep In mind that Dogs are not allowed on any beaches in season. Only North Cape May for now. Folks have been complaining about guest, visitors and vacationers not picking up after their pets. Not to mention dogs off the leash. So far North Cape May is Pet Friendly year round. It has fabulous sunsets and wonderful rental properties within walking distance to the bay side at the Delaware River and no beach tags needed. It is minutes to Cape May, Wildwoods and Atlantic City, Ocean City. Have any questions for us leave your emails and we will answer you.. Love dogs visit us on pinterest and follow us on Twitter. Buttons below will lead you there.

Peace be with you and your pets and may god bless you all. 

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Cape May Pet Friendly Sunsets

Cape Mays Best Pet Friendly Trip advisor North Cape May Pet Friendly Year Round

Cape May,, Exit 0 New Jersey is by far the Pet Friendliest place on earth. Did you know that north Cape May beaches are open to dogs all year long  ?. Not to mention that the have the best sunsets around I  have ever seen. Recently, the town has been talking about changing this due to the overwhelming amount of folks not picking up after their pets.  Especially when there are doggie poo poo bag stations given out for free. How nice is that.. Another factor is that  pet owners are not leashing their dogs. Two violations of city ordinance. Dogs off leash can prove to become a dangerous situation for everyone  involved.. Dogs off leash can create a problem for other pets whom might not like a strange dog or dogs coming up to them.. Fights can arise and prove to have a unfavorable turnout. Some folks on the beach are afraid of dogs and it makes them uncomfortable, while walking or just sitting on the beach. . I know there is something about seeing your dog running around and splashing in the ocean or bays..It is a beautiful sight not to mention a great photo opportunity. Please stay with your pets and enjoy the Cape May Dogs. Be forewarned and lets be careful and considerate out there.

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