Cape May Pet Friendly Accommodations When to Book

You know from  my last posts that I believe that you should talk with a live reservationist that represents the hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, campground, rental house property. You need to have your punch list ready to fire away. Perhaps their web site can answer some of them. That doesn’t mean you should not look to speak with a live reservationist. Most people who were disappointed were folks from online bookings reservations. Hotels look to upgrade you once your get there. You look at the website and think you are getting the best of the best. I don’t know any hotel that list pet friendly rooms on their online bookings. They are so in demand they don’t have to.. Some Realtors do and again you still need to speak with a live representative of that organization. Get a gut feeling for their customer service and accommodating skills. If you are staying a week or longer please look into rental properties that are pet friendly. Cape May Pet Friendly Accommodations are slim pickings. Most hotels and Bed & Breakfast have not jumped on the ban wagon and should do so to attract repeat, respectful, loyal customers. Again they need to set up pet friendly to ensure your and your pet(s)  have a happy, safe and enjoyable time here in Cape May County. Once you and your pets are secure there is a endless  list of things to do here. Take your time, get the facts and ask away until you are satisfied that you and your pets are getting the right accommodation. 

Cape Mays Best Pet Friendly Accommodations

Cape Mays Best Pet Friendly Accommodations

 Once You have decided what type of accommodation you want for your pet friendly vacation. YOU NEED TO BOOK IT AND EARLY.  Most bookings have a one to three week cancellation policy. Once you cancel you will loose something as a handling fee. Try and ask for a rebooking and not loose anything in the transfer. The openings may be far and few in between however it is worth the try. In recap book as early as February and March you will get the best pricing and best pick ens. You will need a deposit and dates you can vacation. Having said this, you need to fully understand their cancellation policy risk vrs reward. When traveling with a pet their can be no mistakes or disappointments.


Cape May Pet Friendly

Cape May Pet Friendly

You Get the Best rates and deals early on before the season starts. I know sometimes you don’t know when you can get away and do it on the fly.  I have found more and more folks planning weeks or days before the actual trip. This practice will cost you if you can find a reservation and don’t mind the cost then go ahead. That is OK but you will pay premium rates and at the will of the innkeeper. Supply and Demand

Keep In mind that Dogs are not allowed on any beaches in season. Only North Cape May for now. Folks have been complaining about guest, visitors and vacationers not picking up after their pets. Not to mention dogs off the leash. So far North Cape May is Pet Friendly year round. It has fabulous sunsets and wonderful rental properties within walking distance to the bay side at the Delaware River and no beach tags needed. It is minutes to Cape May, Wildwoods and Atlantic City, Ocean City. Have any questions for us leave your emails and we will answer you.. Love dogs visit us on pinterest and follow us on Twitter. Buttons below will lead you there.

Peace be with you and your pets and may god bless you all. 

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Cape May Pet Friendly Sunsets

Cape May Pet Friendly Beware were you book Not all Pet Friendly are created equal

Cape May Pet Friendly

Cape Mays Best Pet Friendly Accommodation

Pet Friendly Accomodation Cape May
Cape May Best Pet Friendly

Cape May Pet Friendly, not all pet friendly accommodations are created equal. There is a lot to think about when selecting a pet friendly accommodation. Firstly, most pet friendly hotels have strict guidelines about the size of  a pet they are willing to accept. Most cases pet friendly accommodation’s accept smaller dogs, 25 pounds or so. Hotels, bed & breakfast and some rental properties simply are looking for the extra money that pet friendly accommodations can bring in, not to mention the demand for it.. However, there is a lot to finding and booking a good property to ensure a wonderful time with your pet. My first tip is not to book on line. You don’t have access to all the room information. You want to speak with a reservationist who represents the hotel, bed & breakfast, property rental, campground. I will tell you why. You can get a good feel for how the property is run. I mean to say if you don’t get a friendly knowledgeable agent on the line when you call, politely hang up and go to the next until you get a good feeling about the property.A lot of times vacationers call several times to keep getting information. You know they are shopping. QUESS WHAT 9 OUT OF 10 they called back and book. Simply because I took the time to help them make a educated decision for their vacation. There should be no surprises upon check in.  This is the very first test with the property that is why talking with a live person is key.. If they are mean, with no customer service abilities you can certainly exspect more of the same when you are on vacation there.The apple does not fall far from the tree. Management or the owner should never allow for bad customer service. Especially, when the reservation is the up most important job. They are not order takers they should be well trained vacation planners..Get your questions ready and ask away if they get flustered and aggravated this  accomodation is not for you and your pet(s). There is so much competition. A reservationist should roll over backwards to get your booking..When I reserved a room. I felt fabulous..I thought another vacationer that didn’t go to my competition. When I finally meet the vacationers and their pets that was simply icing on the cake.. Seeing them enjoy their vacation with their pet family is the best feeling ever. In a later blog post I will help you with what questions to ask your pet friendly accommodation reservationist when looking into booking a vacation..Cape May Pet Friendly trip advisor wants you to become a experienced pet friendly traveler. No all pet friendly accommodations are the same. I find that the type of property structure is important. You want to be able to walk out our your room right onto the outside.. Walking dogs through long hallways is always a problem.. Not all all guests feel the same about pet travelers not to mention colliding with other doggies that might not be too friendly.. It happens, the best of dogs get spooked when in a completely new environment.  Additional, a pet friendly that only wants tiny dogs is simply using pet friendly to attract higher fees and get the boost in saying they are pet friendly.. According to statistic about 93 % of families plan to take their pets with them on vacation this year and why not. All pet friendly accommodation will require pet fees and deposits..Fees are part of the room rate and not refundable. Deposits are subject to refunds upon inspection of the room after vacating. Make sure you review the pet policy  BEFORE you book or check in. All pet friendly accommodations should have and provide you with one. If you have any questions at all please fill out the contact page. If you want to have fun go to our pinterest page and look at thousands of doggie photos.  The link is below or see the pinterest button at the end of the page . We have a lot of fun with it. Again this is the first of many Cape May Pet Friendly Trip Advisor posts I will be making..I want to see everyone here in Cape May County, NJ having a wonderful time with their pets and sharing your photos and experiences with other pet friendly travelers.. Peace be with you and your pets. Until the next blog post, I wish you all the best. Peace B with U this Holiday Season

White Light Of The Holy Spirit

May the white light of the Holy Spirit surround and protect you keep you safe, happy, healthy and prosperous. May you always be with your family, your pets and friends, for all of your days here on this earth.Teach us how to do right by ourselves and others we come in contact with, humans and animals alike.. I ask this from you GOD from our lord and Savior Jesus Christ..It is in his name we pray..Peace Be with all of GOD’s creations, humans and animals alike. Love is the answer and reason we are here on this earth. Love is the highest form of human existence. Learn it and experience it’s wonder for your soul. I believe in Love and so does GOD. To  experience it is to truly live in peace..God knows love is the answer, that is why he sent his only son Jesus to teach us love one another. Because he loves us and wants us to love one another, meaning all of his creations,,,,,,,,,,humans and animals alike…God Bless U.

Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas To All From Cape May’s

Cape May Pet Friendly News Blog Animal Cruelty

Dog used as live fishing bait
Dog used as live fishing bait

 We may be in the year 2012 almost 2013..However, we act as if we are in Atilla the Hun Days of 433 AD. Why is it that some humans men and women alike can be so barbaric ?..Are we truly beings from the past and feel no pain or suffering for animals or humans. You can see all over the Internet such horrific acts of cruelty to animals and humans.Unspeakable acts that I can not believe that a mind can think of and act upon.

I wonder what a brain scan would reveal. There must be something missing in the brain. Is animals abuse a defect of the Brain?..I can’t hear a animal crying, not to even think about being skinned alive or put into boiling water alive..Something is turned off in their brains..How about slaughter houses from chickens,cattle, pigs, horses and even dogs are barbarically killed..These individuals are killers in the making..Who would want to kiss their mouth or serve them dinner or have a family with them..It is not a job to these killers it is fun for them to see suffering.They Believe animals are here for our meat, medical experiments and circuses..Show me one cure from these experiments. Show me a animals that wants to do those circus acts or wants to die so horribly so we can consume them for our appetites. These factory farms really give these workers and the public the idea that animals are of no consequence to us. Therfore we can abuse them before we kill them brutally for mankind’s thirst of pain and suffering.

Anything that lives, breaths, walk, exists can feel pain, love, separation for its own kind and babes, abuse,  love and kindness..Animals give us so much more than food, experiment’s and circuses..They give us love like that can only be matched by GOD..Animals teach us love because no matter what we do to them they still love us..Why do or how can a humans look at that love and abuse that love?. Remains me of what we did to Jesus. That pure love for mankind, abused tortured and set to die so horribly with a thirst for his pain by humans. What did he do to deserve that?. Our world has not changed at all. Mankind just found a new way to abuse and by the millions. .It is because abusers are so far away from love and GOD that it doesn’t matter to them..Whats even more sad..Most of these killer perfect their craft on animals before turning their cruelty to humans..If you know of anyone that abuses animals you might be next. Get them out of your life or help them to learn love, respect and most of all find GOD for forgiveness for peace of their soul. God bless all who love animals and pray for those who do not yet. I still believe that love will win in the end..GOD thinks so as well.. Peace be with you, your family, animals and pets.