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Dog used as live fishing bait
Dog used as live fishing bait

 We may be in the year 2012 almost 2013..However, we act as if we are in Atilla the Hun Days of 433 AD. Why is it that some humans men and women alike can be so barbaric ?..Are we truly beings from the past and feel no pain or suffering for animals or humans. You can see all over the Internet such horrific acts of cruelty to animals and humans.Unspeakable acts that I can not believe that a mind can think of and act upon.

I wonder what a brain scan would reveal. There must be something missing in the brain. Is animals abuse a defect of the Brain?..I can’t hear a animal crying, not to even think about being skinned alive or put into boiling water alive..Something is turned off in their brains..How about slaughter houses from chickens,cattle, pigs, horses and even dogs are barbarically killed..These individuals are killers in the making..Who would want to kiss their mouth or serve them dinner or have a family with them..It is not a job to these killers it is fun for them to see suffering.They Believe animals are here for our meat, medical experiments and circuses..Show me one cure from these experiments. Show me a animals that wants to do those circus acts or wants to die so horribly so we can consume them for our appetites. These factory farms really give these workers and the public the idea that animals are of no consequence to us. Therfore we can abuse them before we kill them brutally for mankind’s thirst of pain and suffering.

Anything that lives, breaths, walk, exists can feel pain, love, separation for its own kind and babes, abuse,  love and kindness..Animals give us so much more than food, experiment’s and circuses..They give us love like that can only be matched by GOD..Animals teach us love because no matter what we do to them they still love us..Why do or how can a humans look at that love and abuse that love?. Remains me of what we did to Jesus. That pure love for mankind, abused tortured and set to die so horribly with a thirst for his pain by humans. What did he do to deserve that?. Our world has not changed at all. Mankind just found a new way to abuse and by the millions. .It is because abusers are so far away from love and GOD that it doesn’t matter to them..Whats even more sad..Most of these killer perfect their craft on animals before turning their cruelty to humans..If you know of anyone that abuses animals you might be next. Get them out of your life or help them to learn love, respect and most of all find GOD for forgiveness for peace of their soul. God bless all who love animals and pray for those who do not yet. I still believe that love will win in the end..GOD thinks so as well.. Peace be with you, your family, animals and pets.



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