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The New Jersey Supreme Court concluded that dogs/pets are not considered family and can not be considered as such in the eyes of the court. This is a court battle that began in Morris County NJ in 2007. Whereby,  the next door neighbor’s large dog had mauled a much smaller dog to death. The family sued for pain and suffering,claiming the dog was a  family member. The family claimed the incident traumatize the family having their dog whom the considered  part of the family killed. Their pain was real as if they had lost a human family member.. The family considered the lose no different and should be treated as such in the eyes of the court.. Finally, a decsion was made through the NJ Supreme Court in 2012..  Ruling that DOGS ARE NOT FAMILY therefoer you can not sue for damages under  pain and suffering. The family was compensated for the replacement of the pet ,plus medical, veterinarian bills.  However, their claim for pain and suffering sustained by the family of the malipoo was denied. No one wins on this one.Pets are family to who ever has a pet.. You can never tell a animal lover that the love the feel for their pet(s) is not real.The lose they feel when they die is equally as real and painful.  When your best  friend dies your heart aches just the same.  What say U on this your thoughts on twitter link below..view our board on Pinterest (Dogs R Family )

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