Peace B with U this Holiday Season

White Light Of The Holy Spirit

May the white light of the Holy Spirit surround and protect you keep you safe, happy, healthy and prosperous. May you always be with your family, your pets and friends, for all of your days here on this earth.Teach us how to do right by ourselves and others we come in contact with, humans and animals alike.. I ask this from you GOD from our lord and Savior Jesus Christ..It is in his name we pray..Peace Be with all of GOD’s creations, humans and animals alike. Love is the answer and reason we are here on this earth. Love is the highest form of human existence. Learn it and experience it’s wonder for your soul. I believe in Love and so does GOD. To  experience it is to truly live in peace..God knows love is the answer, that is why he sent his only son Jesus to teach us love one another. Because he loves us and wants us to love one another, meaning all of his creations,,,,,,,,,,humans and animals alike…God Bless U.

Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas To All From Cape May’s

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